Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer Thoughts

It's been an interesting summer. I've only been out of school for two weeks, but it seems much longer. I'm rested, and that's always the summer goal. I'm excited about teaching 3rd grade next year. Change is good, and I'll be working with a wonderful principal and staff. It's been twelve years since I've taught in a regular classroom. I took some time off when my daughter was little, and the last eight years I've taught gifted education.

Poison ivy has been a big part of my summer. Not just your ordinary case, but the kind that makes your mother gasp, strangers stare, your father get teary, your husband say 'ew', and your doctor quietly suggest you give up gardening (not happening!). There are parts of me that look and feel like I'm a burn victim. It's finally starting to get better. Hopefully I'll come out of the ordeal without too many scars.

I seriously considered giving up the garden. My dad even offered to bring his rototiller and put the whole thing to rest. But the thought of all that work being plowed under seems like such a waste. So I'll wear rubber shoes and gloves, long pants and long sleeves, and a healthy application of ivy guard when I head outside.

My daylilies are blooming now.

They are so cheery! Why would I want to rip out these beds?

My other task this summer is to work on a new manuscript. I'm about nine chapters in and up to my neck with this challenge. It's my Heart of the Novel workshop project, and I'm supposed to have a complete first draft soon. That deadline is coming fast! It's raining today, like it seems to be doing a lot lately. I plan to open the garage doors and park myself where I can enjoy the weather while I write. Maybe I can conquer chapter nine!

Friday, June 10, 2011


Thanks to Rena for sharing this on facebook. LOVE IT!