Sunday, March 7, 2010

Truth and Lies and a $10 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

I have been fortunate this week to have Marcia Hoehne send me a blog award (Because, you know, it's all about the blog bling!). Thank you, Marcia!

To accept this award I must:
*Thank the person who gave me the award and link to her.
*Add the award to my blog.
*Tell six outrageous lies about myself and One Truth.
*Nominate six creative, writers, and link to them.
*Let my nominees know they have been nominated.

Just to make this interesting, I'm adding a $10 gift card to as a prize! Like Marcia, I'm a bit of a rebel and plan to change the rules. I'm telling two truths and four lies. Choose your two truths and enter them in one comment. For each truth you guess correctly, your name will be placed in a drawing for the gift card. You have until midnight Friday, March 12th to enter. Winners (and truths) will be announced March 14th.

*For an additional entry, become a follower, and tell me so (or that you already are one) in a second comment.

*For an additional entry, post a link to this contest and then post a comment giving the URL. For the sake of my own organization, if you post a contest link in more than one location, please give each URL in a separate comment. In this category, you can enter as many times as you have cyber-places to post the contest.

Time to unleash the bald-faced-liar creative writer in me. Can you tell? Truth or lie?

1. When I was 15, I found 47 four-leaf clovers in one summer. I still have them. They're pressed in wax paper and stored in a Dr. Suess "Go, Dog Go" book.

2. I once fed 35 Texans chili so hot it'd burn a hole in your cheek and make your tongue drop out, but they still added their own habanero peppers that they carried in their pockets; ran into Kris Kristofferson's belt buckle (he's really tall); chatted up with Johnny Cash (he was a true gentleman), and talked to Johnny Paycheck on the phone - all in one day.

3. I rode the Tilt-A-Whirl 42 times in a row at Coney Island in Cincinnati, because I love my daughter.

4. My husband and I were arrested on our first date.

5. I sang a singing saw part in Aram Khachaturian's "Concerto for Piano and Orchestra" with the Dayton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. The guy who was supposed to play the saw got sick, and there was no back-up saw player. I was the only one who could sing that high.

6. I competed at the Grape Stomp Competition at the Hollister Grape and Fall Festival in Branson, Missouri. It was over a week before my toes were no longer blue.

There you have it - 2 truths and 4 lies. Good luck! And now, my creative liar nominees...

1. Rena
2. Christina Farley
3. Carrie Harris
4. Julia Karr
5. Chocolateer
6. Sara McClung


Marcia said...

Man, everybody is so good at this!

#5 is totally true.

I also like 2, 4, and 6. Just because it's pretty wild, I'm going with #2.

Marcia said...

And I'm a follower. :)

Christina Farley said...

What fun! I have to leave for work in a moment, but I'll come back to do all the fun stuff. But I had to tell you I LOVE your blog template. It's adorable and it goes so well with your blog name.

Bish Denham said...

Wild guess here, #1 and #4. I'll post a link to your blog on my side-bar.

Kelly said...

My guess is #1 and #6 are true...

Nora MacFarlane said...

This is SO much fun!

I almost posted how many chances everyone was going to get, then I realized I can't do that without giving away info...

Thanks Christina! I got the site address from your blog.

Rena said...

I'm going to go with #4 and #6. :)

Rena said...

Oh, and I'm a follower!

Thanks for the award! This is the third time I've gotten it. Hee!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Thanked you on the Red Skelton post! *face palm* Must be Monday!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I bet you only rode the Tilt a Whirl 30 times.

Anonymous said...

I'm a follower :o) I'll go with #2 and #5

The Get-Up Kid said...

Okay, perhaps I boasted too soon...

This is pretty tough!
I'm going with 2 and 5.

I was almost set on 3, honestly. Forty-two seems like a stomache-ache-inducing number of rides, but I can see you doing it for your daughter!

Ah, the things we do for the people we love!

Nora MacFarlane said...

Ha! This gets better and better!

NIkki - Thanks for becoming a follower!

Get-Up-Kid - perhaps you did!

Chocolateer said...

booo! boooo!

I thought, hah! I know Nora, she can't fool me....but you have, so booo on you ;)

I'm guessing 1 and 3.

Christina Farley said...

Oh! Am I too late? I've had the most insane week EVER. OK. Maybe the 3rd most insane week ever. But even though I'm late, I'm still going to guess!

First of all, WILD stuff you think of girl. I'm going to go with #1 and #5 as being true. But man, this is hard.

Nora MacFarlane said...

Christina, I haven't drawn yet, so I'll put in your entry(ies).

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing 3 and 4 are true. I love these truth/lie lists. They're so fun.