Sunday, December 16, 2012


1. You can't find your keys. You search and search, but to no avail. You finally decide to stop and have a glass of ice water and mentally retrace your steps. That's when you find your keys - in the freezer next to the ice.

2. The cake you baked is not the rectangular shape it's supposed to be. It tilts to the side and looks more like a triangle than a rectangle. It's not until after the cake cools that you realize the oven rack is crooked. 

3. You make yourself a sunny-side-up egg with toast for breakfast. You skip the salt and pull out the small pepper grinder for flavor. It's not until you take the first bite that you realize it wasn't the pepper grinder, but cinnamon. 

4. You dress in your best black sparkles to accompany a program at church. Your pants are strangely dragging the ground, and you're tripping on them. They've never fit like that before. It's not until you are in the ladies room that you realize you've put them on backwards. 

5. You are accompanying the Christmas program in your best black sparkles. Your mind wanders and begins to make mental lists of all the things that must be accomplished before the day is done. You accidentally turn three pages instead of one, and you become completely, totally, ridiculously, no way to hide it lost in the music. It takes two pages of this nonsense to find your place again. In the middle of a performance. Just you. And the poor soloist. 

6. Your husband takes you out to dinner after the Christmas performance. You're still wearing the black sparkles. The meal is very good, but you find yourself falling asleep after the last bite. You can't keep your eyes open, or follow the conversation, or even pretend to care. 

7. You realize you've posted six signs, now seven, but your title says five.  

This is exhausted Nora. What's your story? 


Nicole Pyles said...

This sounds like me!! Ha ha, especially the pants backward thing. :)

Major sign I need to go to bed is how cranky I get!

Nora MacFarlane said...

Oh yes! Cranky is also in the picture!

Marcia said...

Oh, wow, I'd never be able to get the front part of my pants over the back part of me for even a second. :)

Nora MacFarlane said...

Haha! They were dressy, silky, elastic band pants that I wear when I sing and perform - specifically because they DO expand!

Orsayor said...

Then maybe I need to go to the bed because my day has been eventful.. LOL!!!

The kids used up all of the hot water in the shower

My hubby cooked the last 2 eggs I was saving for breakfast

No comment on the workplace incidents.. LOL

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Olivia Garamusi said...

umm I don,t know who u guys are because I was doing my homework and this blog came up instead. weird fyi nice nam Marcia

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