Friday, February 27, 2009

A Bit Needy...

Christy has a fun Meme on her blog. I had to try it!

What you do, is type {your name} and the word "needs" in your google search engine and then list the first 10 things that it says you need. Here's mine:

Nora needs:
1) attention
2) to work on her act
3) a higher rating
4) a new home
5) to get a life
6) a permanent loving family
7) time to get that perfect wedding dress done for you
8) to grow up
9) the City Council
10) your number!

I know you're not supposed to list number 11, but Nora needs money... (this really is # 11!)


Martha Flynn said...

I did this and found another Martha who had already been through it...and within her comments a whole bunch of other Marthas who were also going through it - and it turns out that Marthas are quite evil and need lots of things to be redeemable. Sheesh!

Angela said...

Ha, hilarious!

Angela needs...

...a new wardrobe
...a bass player relax and cool off get away from her kids
...glitter loving and hugs

(that's all I need, I guess--ther rest didn't fit the search!)

CJ Raymer said...

1. A lot of help - Geesh!
2. You - Aww! We knew that though. ;-)
3. To stop buying off the peg and go couture. - Heck yeah!
4. No persuasion. - Not about #3 anyway.
5. To get a clue. - :-(
6. To do her job. - No more Facebook, I guess.
7. Advice. - Totally!
8. Help in identifying good session and important issues. - What- to-the-ev!
9. Cash. - Hello!
10. To say yes. - Is there an agent in my future?

Very funny! Thanks for this. I needed the laughs. XOXO

Marcia said...

This is the second one of these I've seen and it's pretty funny! I'll have to try it.

CindaChima said...

I was amazed. Even "Cinda needs" got results.

Cinda needs to get her love-life under control,

Cinda needs to do her homework.

Cinda needs remedial English classes.

Cinda needs to go have a few drinks.

Cinda needs to learn to color within the lines.

Cinda needs help with marketing.

The last thing Cinda needs or has time for in her life, is a man!

Cinda needs you to hop off her back right now.

Brenda said...

Here's mine:

Brenda needs:

1. Her medicine (so true and now you know...grin)
2. a partner (I'll settle for a clone, so I can get everything done)
3. Needs to run (but that's exercise...)
4. more from Sonny (not sure who Sonny is, but if more means money...I'll take it...grin)
5. a real friend to talk to (but I have all my blogger friends, what more do I need)
6. your prayers (and I thank you for them)
7. to get it together (no DUH!!! grin)
8. needs to come home to Sonny (got it - General Hospital and all I can say is I'm on my way gorgeous hunk of meat...grin)
9. this (that is all it says...Brenda needs this...does that mean I get to pick what this is?)
10. HELP! (yes, friends I do...grin)

Nora MacFarlane said...

Ya'll make me laugh!

Martha, now that you mention it, the Marthas I know are a questionable lot...

Cinda, do you learn to color within the lines before or after you go have a few drinks? (grin) BTW - thanks for stopping by!

Kelly said...

Those challenges are so funny!

Christina Farley said...

This is really funny! i'm off to check my name now.

Anne Spollen said...

Anne needs:

a wife. I've always loved the idea of someone keeping order around here other than me...a wife would really help - one that liked to cook and never lost patience with the kids. Doesn't that sound great?

Nora MacFarlane said...

Yes! Anne, that would be fabulous! Dinner would be ready when I come home from work. She could help the kids with their homework. There would always be clean towels in the closet - folded correctly and not stuffed in sideways...

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Okay, that is a weird meme. The second hit was someone who was doing the Meme on their blog!