Monday, February 15, 2010

New WIP, Haircicles, and Snow Forts

I've started writing a new novel, and I'm having a blast! This one is YA fantasy. I have a rough outline of the plot and sketches of the major characters. They are quite fun. I have so much trouble to send their way... I have three chapters written so far at 5600 words. The fourth chapter is where the subplots diverge, so I've spent time today mulling things over a bit.

My favorite part of a new novel is the brainstorming. I tend to go over the top when I'm throwing down ideas. Eventually I'll have to rein it all in to make it believable. But for now, if you hear a wild cackle come through your monitor, it's probably me. I've spent today "upping the stakes." Not just for my MC, but for all my characters. It makes a huge difference when I write if I know before hand the "what's in it for me" of everyone involved.

I just got the phone call telling me I have another snow day tomorrow, so I'll have a big block of time to write. Woot!

While I'm glad for the time off, I'm quite tired of snow. We got another 9 inches today. We're expecting another 2 inches by midnight, and another 2-3 inches through the day tomorrow. Today I waited until we had about 7 inches before I decided to shovel the driveway. I had finished the front deck and half the drive when my wonderful neighbor came down my sidewalk with his snowblower. He cleared my walk and my driveway too. When he finished, he shut off the snowblower and said, "I noticed you were icing up." I put my hand in my hair, and he was right! I had icicles all through my hair and didn't know it.

Although I'm feeling weather weary, my daughter is loving it. This evening she dug out an igloo fort in the snow piles around the front deck and the driveway. She made a tunnel that goes all the way through the drift and out the other side. Robb stood by, ready to yank her out by her feet if the ceiling collapsed. What a good dad!

I'll leave you with a few more snow pictures. The quality isn't great. I'm not camera savvy, and somehow the settings have changed. I'm going to have to pull out the manual. Stay warm! Keep writing!


Bish Denham said...

Nothing like a new WIP! And oh brrrrrr! with all that snow. Stay wram and have fun.

Kelly said...

You are really getting pummeled by the snow! Enjoy your extra writing time!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That is A LOT of snow!
Congrats on the great writing progress--when you get those "Aha!" moments, it totally makes the grueling days of writing through writers' block and revising worth it.

Anne Spollen said...

I have exactly 5000 on my new WIP!
It's so much fun to start a new book, isn't it?

Or is it only fun for book nerds?

Anyway, I like your pix!

Sara McClung ♥ said...

OMG love the snow pics! And congrats on the new WIP. So exciting--I LOVE that feeling!

Lilfix said...

Great pics! Congrats on the new WIP...Hugs...