Sunday, February 21, 2010

Silver and Gold

"Make new friends,
But keep the old,
Some are silver and the other gold."

That song is so true. I count myself lucky and blessed to have golden friends that I have kept through the years. Most have moved away, but when we get together, it's as if no time has passed at all. After a "how good to see you again" and a few big hugs, we start in right where we left off. Our kids are a lot bigger, and our conversation topics have changed, but the camaraderie is still strong.

I met with two of my favorite gentlemen in the world this weekend -Mitchell & Greg. We used to sing together, but Mitch moved to the west coast and Greg moved to northeastern Ohio. The distance was too big to keep the group together. Friday we had the opportunity to sing again. It'd been 12 years since we'd done so, but once we worked out a few kinks, it was like old times. It's hard to describe the feeling I get when I sing with them. They truly understand how words, dynamics, rhythm and harmony come together to communicate a message. We've sung together for so long, it's like we think together. Mitchell has moved back to Ohio. Here's hoping it won't be another 12 years before we sing again.

Social networking has made it so much easier to keep up with friends and family. My cousins (literally by the dozens) and I keep up through a Yahoo group and also facebook. It's made a huge difference for me in keeping up with friends and family. I HATE writing letters. Strange, I know, since I do love to write. I just don't care to do it with a pencil.

I've one high school buddy, Michelle, who I've kept up with over the years. She used to drive us to school or to the mall. I've got a fun tin -type picture of the two of us from one of those visits. We're dressed in period dresses with stern looks on our faces. I'm not sure where the picture is. If I find it, I'll post it. We stayed friends through college, and I sang at her wedding. She lives clear out in San Diego, but we still get together once a year for dinner. I always look forward to her visit. This is a picture of us from the last time she visited. That's me on the left, my daughter, and Michelle on the right.

The goofiest friendship I've ever had was with Lora. She was my college buddy. We were both coloratura sopranos in the music department. We both sang the same part and auditioned for all of the same solos and theater roles. We should have been mortal enemies, but instead, we became each other's biggest supporter. We had fun in the weirdest ways. Her apartment building was old and had fabulous hardwood floors and beautifully carved woodwork. It also had amazing acoustics. We would sit across from each other in her dining room and sing in 3rds up the octave as high and loud as we could. The result was funky harmonics that rang in our ears and fits of laughter that followed. I'm sure the neighbors hated us.

Okay, I'm done with Nostalgia Lane. Do you still keep up with your friends?


Bish Denham said...

Every three years my high school class (there were only 22 of us) has a reunion. Those of us who can make it meet on St. Thomas and spend a week doing things. We always have blast. This summer is our 40th.

Marcia said...

Also going to a 40th HS reunion this summer. Not that ALL of those people and I liked each other back then. But they're (we're?)nice NOW. :) It's interesting which friends you keep up with over the years and which ones you don't. It's not always the ones you'd predict.

But you know what? I got sidetracked from your main point when you said "coloratura soprano." *awe* I'm a, like, ordinary second soprano.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I wish I was that faithful...but we moved a LOT while I was growing up and only a few people from high school are on my "old friends list."

J.A. Palermo said...

I'm still very close with friends I made in high school -- even though none of us went to the same high school. We met doing plays at the local boys Catholic HS -- hey, they needed girls! I feel totally blessed to have them in my life.

Nora MacFarlane said...

Bish & Marcia : I've never gone to a HS reunion, but I'm thinking about going to this summer's 30th. 30! Where does the time go? I still FEEL like a kid!

Green Girl: Although we weren't in the military, we lived in a military town. No one seemed to stay more than 3-4 years. I used to be so jealous of the places they got to go!

J.A.: Some of my best memories from both HS and college are the musicals. Good times!

Christina Farley said...

I try. My friends are really important to me. I love the books that you are reading or about to. Have fun with them!

Bish Denham said...

Nora,in honor of your new look I've passing on an AWARD to you. Come check it out.

Michelle said...

I know exactly what picture you are talking about. I will be looking through some old albums for a scrapbook project this weekend-I f I find it, I will post it!