Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Last Hurrah...

Tomorrow is my last free day to play this summer.

School starts the 24th. I spent the first few days this week setting up classroom number one. It's pretty much good to go. Translation - It'll look good for open house. Appearances count, you know. Next week I get to set up my second classroom - traveling teachers are lucky that way. I'll need to write lesson plans, create math lab activities, and come up with journal topics, too. I've an email newsletter to send to parents and welcome postcards to the kids. But that's next week.

Tomorrow I play. I've a date with my manuscript in the morning, then a lunch date with my critique partner and good friend. Our lunch date topics run the gamut from literature to politics, family and the daily doings - whatever hits us at the moment. We talk for hours. I love it. I might have to hit the dollar cinema to watch Star Trek one last time. Yes, I'm a fan. A big fan.

Friday I hit the road to go get daughter in Michigan. She hasn't missed me one bit. Uncle has kept her BUSY! I'll be glad to get her back. Two weeks gone is a long time for this mama.

I'll try not to think about tomorrow as the last hurrah. It begins to feel a bit desperate if I do. I'll take the day as it comes. Maybe next week, if I'm efficient and lucky, I can squeak in another play day before the opening bell!


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

HAVE FUN! The final days of summer are best when crammed with plans!
And appearances count, but don't go too crazy in your room. Leave room for new things as the year goes on--then parents will notice them at conferences and such.

PJ Hoover said...

last free day for me, too. Then it's hang with the kids until school starts.
have fun!